Am I Significant Yet?

No, of course not.

Absolutely not.

And, of course, by saying that I mean I am. But there is no arriving to significance. I was born with that.

I was at a gathering the other day and I realized how much I want say cool things, look cool. I felt it like a swell of energy in me, an eager puppy.

“See me now? See me yet? Hey! I’m over here! Do I matter?”

The voice I hear in my head says this in one thousand different ways: If I do this, I will be significant.

Here’s some examples:

“If I say this to them with perfect poise, then I will be significant.”

“If I accomplish this task, I can breathe.”

“If I had some more commas in my bank account I could really settle down.”

“If they could notice me, I would feel okay.”

But it’s interesting. Once I get “there” a new “there” appears. I leap to one stone only to leap to another. I never arrive.

But am I not made in God’s image? If that’s true, just how much doing does God need before God is significant?

Why on earth did God say “I am” as a name?

Perhaps you could try on that name to remember who’s image you bear. To remember you have a state of being. To remember your contentedness with the Creator.

“I am”

Then stop. No need to add anything.

The doing comes from the being - just like God. (And God did an awful lot)

Jesus, thank you for wanting us to find connection to the Father just like you. Thank you that we can't do anything unless we are connected to you.