Why I'm Ditching My Phone and Facebook

Well, first of all, it's none of your business, but you since so rudely busted in on my public blog, I'll entertain you or whatever.

The reason is this: you are sitting right now. Well maybe you are standing. Which is it? Well, just know that for a second.

I bet you're looking at a magic screen of some kind (unless you're a freak and printed this blog out as though it were 2005 and MapQuest).

I also bet you are breathing. Are you breathing? Do tell. Is it fast or slow? Is that air making it to your belly or just sort of shallow and in the chest? Is the air a bit cooler as comes in, a bit warmer as it goes out? What about the space in between each breath? How would you describe that?

What's around you right now, friend? What do you see? Give me the smallest, most delightful detail. Or, for that matter, the most uncomfortable, ugly thing.

What do you hear? Or, better yet, what sound is giving you the gift of making it all the way to your ears? How does that make you feel?

Oooooo... this is even more my wheelhouse. What do you feel right now? Are you a bit anxious about the next thing? A bit anxious about something that could maybe possibly happen in a week?

Are you worried about what they think? Concerned the relationship will fail, the job might go, that person may never come around in the way you think they should?

What happens if you just let those feelings exist inside you, rather than wishing they weren't there?

Are you unsure what you feel? In other words, a bit numb? Be with that.

Are you bored? What happens if you embrace the boredom? What happens if you just exist and don't want something more exciting? What if you pretend you like being bored? What happens then?

Or maybe you're grounded, elated, full of joy just because life is. Whatever.

Isn't this moment great? (Even if it's not a good moment, it's a good one when you're in it.)

Jesus, thanks for reminding us that the Kingdom of God is at hand, here and now.