How to Hear Inner Voice

When I was little I loved toying with magnets. I loved shoving the opposite ends together and launching one magnet from the other. Projectile metal wad. Sweet. I only sort of understood the science behind it, but I could see that there was a powerful energy field there.

Anyway, there's divinity within you. There is.

There's a person inside you who is smarter than you. There's a whisper that's louder than the mental chatter of the human brain. But of course, it is not louder. In the same way that the sunset and the flower only speak to those listening, so does the inside whisper only reveal itself to the one who wants to hear.

This too is only half true. The voice is always there, is there now. It is not there sometimes and gone the next. It is not something that is appears one moment and then runs off like a scared unicorn. It just seems that way in a buzzing world where the only silence is a brief moment before falling asleep, a window occupied by the noise of a screen or the noise of a worried mind.

What do, man?


Well, the easy and hard answer is stop. Just stop.

The mind argues. My reasons?


I'm too busy. 

If I stop I won't have money.

If I don't have money I will die.

Somebody somewhere will hate me if I take care of myself.

God will be mad at me if I do the things I enjoy.


And on and on.

In short, it's as though there's a force that propels me out of this space, the quiet one, the knowing one, the being one, the creative one. It's like the wrong side of two magnets working against each other.

I don't understand it. I just experience it.

Thus, it's a paradox. It's easiest thing in the world, yet that energy field does everything to push me out. All I have to do is walk towards it. If I'm pro, I walk with calm.

And, in fact you could do it now. You could take ten minutes to sit in silence.


Too busy?

Of course. My mistake.


Jesus, I love that you straight up left people to go hang out in the woods. There's a lesson in that.