Prayers (Guided)

Hello! Here are some guided prayers, but I’d like to preface by saying the most beautiful prayer is the honest one from the heart.


For the one grieving: 

Lord, thank you that you share and see my pain, that you have room for it. Help my eyes to see light when there is darkness, around me and in my soul. Tune my ears to the gentle sound of you, to the melody that never ends even in the worst suffering. Show me you. Show me you in the world; show me you in my inner world. May you be what I see, hear, breath. Increase my awareness of you. Increase my awareness of you.


For the one who is blind with anger:

God, I cannot see past my rage. Thank you for accepting every part of me, every molecule, every emotion. Thank you that none of it is hidden from you, all is light to you, that you see me. Thank you for loving me still in a way that transcends time. Thank you for what this anger is telling me. Thank you that it has a genesis and terminus. Yes, thank you that this anger is a messenger with a task, a finite one that I must heed, not hide, not prolong. Thank you that anger is not too much for you. Thank you that anger has an end. Help me see anger from all angles so that like a good worker, it may rest. Amen.


For the one crippled in the body or heart:

Lord, you end all disease. You are Healer. You inhabit dark places with light. You dwell in the bodies of women and men. You bring life to dusty bones. You infuse them with marrow. You make crusty hearts fleshy, still hearts beat again. Praise you, praise you, praise you for this. Amen.


For the who has been rejected:

Jesus, son of God, you traveled a long, long way to see the ones you loved and they killed you. They did not listen to your words; they did not accept your embrace or heed the truth you gave them. They rejected you. They despised you like an enemy when you were their truest friend. Still you prayed for them and you paid for their seats at a banquet. Please help me to live like you. Please help me to see your embrace everyday. Help me see that it is infinite, eternal and that I need no other love to be whole, complete. I love you. I am thankful for your love.


For the one abused:

God, your energy is the opposite of abuse; it is intimacy. I have experienced pain from the hands and mouths of my human sisters and brothers. Where there should have been healing balm there was a weapon. Where there should have been listening there was telling. Where there should have been freedom there was victimization. Where there should have been a choice there was a twisted arm. There has been a loss of identity. You know my pain. Meet me here. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.


For the apathetic one:

God, I don’t know how to feel. My heart has lost its memory, become so calloused that I can’t find new joy or pain. Revive me. When I hear of others' pain it doesn’t move me. When I hear you it’s a distant, foreign language. Revive my soul, revive my soul, revive my soul.


For the pride-filled one:

When I see pride in me I am humble. When I don’t know of my pride, I see no need for prayer. When I’m humble, I’m powerful; when I'm prideful I stay small, get smaller. Like a light in the distance, the smallest humility is hope, is North. It will expand and illuminate a new world as I follow it. It will bring light to what I see and light to my very eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


For the one who does not know how to pray:

God, teach me your language. You are not far from any human. You are near. You are in all; you are in me. I don’t have to learn a new a language, but remember one I once knew, have always known. As I listen, it becomes louder. As I get closer, I realize it was already close. Amen.