The Prayer That So Easily Entagles

Isn't it so easy to just fall into prayer?

For me it's like watching Netflix. I start and get lost and lose track of time!

..said no one ever.

If you're reading this blog then that means you are likely a certain type of person.  If I took a poll of all my readers I bet both of them would say "yeah, prayer is important and you should do it. I wish I did it more." 

Actually, I can honestly say I don't know one soul who has told me "yes, I'm satisfied with my current prayer situation. I'm a Saint Paul/Mother Teresa mutant FIEND and I'm killing it."

I also don't know what a Saint Paul/Mother Teresa mutant fiend would look like if I saw one, but I digress.

So what's the disconnect? 

-We know we should pray. 

-We don't pray as much as we wish. 

Welp, just like I'm suspicious of programs that will transform sloppy bodies into chiseled demigods overnight, I'd be concerned if someone said they could transform prayer habits in one easy installment of read-this-blog.

But I suppose that's a good place to start: the price.

Prayer is costly.

It won't lie. It costs focus, time, energy. And Netflix is still there all the time like, "bro, let's do this." There are so many things (noble and otherwise) that shout "Me! Pick me!"

So, at the end of the day we must see prayer as valuable before we're willing to trade it for the thousand other things we could do.  It has to be more than a chore for extra saintly folks, like some sort of a spiritual soup kitchen visit.

It needs to be so much more. 

There are many things to say here, but I'll just offer one thought:


My man C.S. Lewis talks about it well:

"He seems to do nothing of Himself which He can possibly delegate to His creatures."

I don't know why God trusts us with so much, but for some reason He does. I can only assume he has a good reason for it.

If we think of prayer as a one-off kind of thing, we're hosed. We’re also toast if we think it’s extra thing to do for heavenly brownie points. But if we can start to think of it as a beautiful way that God has trusted us, delegated to us, we may find a new joy in it. If we realize something is on the line, we may find new fervor, new commitment.

I love that in beginning God gave humans the job to tend to a garden. What if we looked at prayer like that? Suppose God said, "I'm giving you this acre of land to make beautiful." You'd need to count the cost, know that it takes daily effort, and not expect anything overnight.

So perhaps we as humans can see we've been given a beautiful tool in prayer. It brings more and more of God's rule a reign to earth; it makes us more and more like Him and closer to him in the process.

God, sometimes I don't feel like praying. Sometimes I get upset when I don't see prayer change things quickly. Help me see how beautiful and crucial it is. Amen.