Communion In The Pickup Truck

"Yes!!" what we'd shout when it was our turn to ride with dad.

At the time, my dad drove a red pickup truck. There are five Garmon kids, so we had to be on a rotation. We'd be thrilled when our time came.

You've probably heard the idea that you need to commune with God. We need to "build a relationship" with him, "seek intimacy" with him. It's a lofty idea, and the only way I know to understand it is to break it down into human terms.

I mean, even Jesus did that. He said that an excellent way to picture God is like the best father ever (way better than any human experience we've had).

So as humans we're supposed to grapple with this idea of intimately knowing God. Strange but true.

I hope you set aside time to pray, meditate, study. Important stuff. 

BUT I'd like to observe that just like any normal human relationship, we enjoy eachother in the midst of activity, not only around it. Sure, have a date night, but also go for a run, grocery shop, text throughout the day. Do regular stuff together.


Imagine it in the truck scenario: "No Dad, I don't want to ride in the truck with you. I want to build a relationship with you." 

Sounds weird right? We kids were happy to be with dad in the context of normal life.  We were delighted. That was communion.

I also remember learning how to drive that truck when I got older. It was stick shift and difficult at the time. My pop patiently let me stall out a hundred times and that was communion, too.

And this may be even closer to what Jesus meant when he talked about "being one". Sure we start by going along for the ride. But eventually he wants us participating.  As we find assignments, ways of bringing his kingdom to earth that's part of building intimacy, too. He wants us to be so close that there's not a clear distinction between who is driving and who is in the passenger seat. We're just headed in the same direction.

If you pray for hours and hours everyday, then God bless you. The rest of us will need to find out how to invite God into every crevice of our mundane existence and meet him there — in our work, our play, our relationships, our regular rhythm.

Father, I want to be unified with you in the mysterious way that Jesus talked about. Show me that. I don't just want it here and there when I'm doing "spiritual" stuff. I want you in all of my life, especially the places I wouldn't expect to find you. Amen.