Eating and God's Goodness


It probably sounds a like a foodie statement. I am a foodie, but this blog is not about Christian foodieism (sp?).

Anyways, I want to point out a terrible cycle. Yesterday I told my soul "God is good". I didn't feel like it was true, but I reminded myself anyway. 

And then I had to do it again today.

What the heck? 

Somehow my soul forgot about God's goodness.

Another thing. Yesterday, I ate about three times. Three whole times. I know. Crazy. You'd think by the first time I would have gotten all food I needed. Sheesh. Move on.

But, no. My body needed nutrients, sustenance, calories over and over again.

I'm teasing of course. No sane human would ever fault another fellow human for getting hungry and eating. 

But, why are we surprised when souls need reminders? We shouldn't be. 

How often should you tell yourself the truth? About as much as you eat, friend.

We can just think of it like missing a meal:

"Oh goodness! It's 2pm and I haven't reminded myself of truth at all today. Better do it before evening or I'll be starving."

So, today's prayer is to the soul from the soul:

Soul, did you know that yesterday God was good? Did you know that today God is good? And did you know that tomorrow God will still be good? I'm committing to feed you. I will feed you this reminder over and over again: "Soul, God is good, God is good, God is very, very good."

PS This trick works to correct shame, bitterness, envy and several other ailments of the soul.