Osmosis & The Golden Rule

"A process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentrations on each side of the membrane."

Sexy right? Doesn't it just get you going? Nah? Try this one:

"The process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc."

Pretty much intelligible on the first pass! Much closer. We'll come back to it.

Jesus was wicked smart. One time folks tried to corner him and get him to "sum up law" which was impossible, sort of like when an idiot middle school boy asks "does your mamma know you're a queer?" It's a trap. (And by the way, to my LGBTQ friends, if your answer is "hell yeah, and I'm proud" I welcome you with open arms).

Anyways, Jesus gives 'em a zinger.

"Actually, my mother knows your mother and she says you're a little bitch."

Kidding. He says:

"No problem. Love God with everything. You'll know this happens when you have equal love for yourself and everyone else."

He then calmly, casually sets the mic down in the dirt and walks away.


Genius. He takes an abstract concept no one can disagree with, "loving God", and connects it to something tangible: love yourself and all the other humans.

This, God incarnate says, is the key to navigating the universe well. Osmosis.

See, osmosis is nature’s built-in evening out system. I’m sure you remember diagrams from chemistry class. You know, salt water on one side, pure water on the other, eventually it becomes the same.

Can't you just feel the world peace?

Well, suppose we rename things things a bit. Suppose on one side we had love of self and on the opposite side we had love for others. And suppose your soul was the semipermeable membrane dividing the two.

Thus, if love of self is too dense it would need to even out. This person would need to realize we're all connected. My pain is your pain is my pain.

Or! Maybe you don't resonate with that as much.

Here's a sweet sermon I want to hear...

"Love Yourself Because Jesus Said So"

I'd yell "amen" from the back pew of the stiffest Presbyterian church if I heard that sermon (no offense to my main boi Tim Keller, a sick Presbyterian gangsta).

I'm not picking on churches though. Well, maybe a little, because I'm basically the poster child for church, so I can. I'm just saying "I have knobby knees" when I say "church is silly".

I digress. 

You saw it coming, but it goes the other way too:

If the love of others is too dense, and you can't see that we're all the same, then you have some work to do. It’s just the other way around. I’ll put it a different way. Imagine the type of life you would want for anyone. Total fulfillment. Now tell yourself "Say! I deserve that too!" 

Pretty cool, huh? One size fits all! Good for sociopaths and abusees alike!

But the catch is, we can eff it up. We're in charge of the membrane.

Isn't it awesome!?!?

See, in regular nature osmosis has no choice. It just happens. High density, low density, done.

But with humans it's a disaster. Don't believe me? 

It's why a courageous man of color was shot and killed in 1968 because of his radical idea that black people are people. It's why women’s suffrage; it's why Auschwitz.

It's why rich people don't want poor people in their kids' schools.

It's why some folks find it more comfortable to stay in abusive relationships than break free saying "I'm worthy of love.”

I just gotta throw my hands up and say "osmosis, osmosis, osmosis people!" We just need a dash of courage to get things going.

So just a bit of homework — myself included. Find yourself in the aforementioned bad science diagrams. The truth is we are all on both sides at times. But once you have a game plan you can get yourself in this divine flow of human love osmosis.

Feminine Divine, thank you for your desire to heal, mend, to sit in circles as equals. Help me do the same. Amen.