How To Be Violent Like Jesus


Jesus was always hanging around the people who were off limits. I imagine this is where his extroverted side came out.

“Tax collectors, whores, lepers? You mean friends, friends, friends?”

Conversely he seemed to lose his cool around the people who were supposedly “in”. He lost his mind with systems and leaders who were meant to be on his team.

I think there’s a lesson in that, but maybe not the one you’d expect.

Inside you lay things you hate. Things like anxiety, bizarre sexual urges, self-loathing (okay, I’m just describing myself, but work with me). These things feel a lot like enemies. But magic happens when you go towards them with love and acceptance. You don’t have to call everything “good”. I don’t like self-loathing, for example. But that’s exactly where you need to set the table and dialogue. Shine a light on them. Ask them why they are there. But as long as they are “enemies”, there’s a divide, there’s strife, chaos.

And of course those things that are masquerading as good are often the ones creating the real hang ups. They’re insidious because they don’t show their true colors.

Here’s one that could be bouncing around inside you: 

To the degree you think you’re good with God because of activities you do or don’t do, you have a disgusting disease.

I’m afraid it’s time to start flipping tables. Well for me, at least. I just mean for me.

The reality is that I am accepted, I am accepted, I am accepted. It’s not because I did something. I'm not more loved when I abstain. I'm not more loved when I look shiny. I don’t lose my spot when I blow it. I just don’t.

Thus, any idea that affirms “do good, be acceptable to God” must be met with the most robust violence.

Jesus, you are love, infinite love. You hurt when I make horrible decisions, precisely because you love me. I cannot believe this, but help my unbelief. Amen.