Why You Should Wake Up In The Afternoon


Awaken, awaken, awaken!

Zombies are cool to me. I’m fascinated by them like many others are fascinated by them. I’ve heard speculations on why this is and I’m going to toss my theory in the pot.

We love zombie stories, because we feel the depth of their truth. The narrative is much more alive than the decaying fictional characters, highlighting something more real than we can easily perceive.

See, there’s death all around us, in the form of folks who are made to live but are dead. They are moving, but not in the way they were designed to move. They are making sounds, but it’s noise, not anything beautiful. They go from death to death, out of sync with the way nature intended it to be. Something deep in us says “true, but terrifying”.

That’s why I say “awaken, awaken, awaken!”

We must awaken when we are awake, not just once in the morning. We must wake up and stay awake, stay awake, stay awake.

There’s a melody, you know, you have known. It is the one asking you to open up your inside eyes. It’s the voice that feels like someone turned on a lamp in your belly, pushed up the volume fader in your bones.

It’s unique for everyone and it isn’t, because it’s the one from which we all came, to whom we are all bound.

The Voice may say “make this art, end this relationship, find these people, take courage in this way. Do this at your work, in your city, in your family, in your extended family" — namely that one human who shares some of your genes and does not think like you do (like on another planet). It’s a call for sacrifice, reconciliation, for self love that upsets people around you.

Holy Spirit, you are that voice, like a mother approaching the side of the bed saying “wake up, it’s time for life.”