Birds and Hearts

So God, we know from the Bible, is into details. He knows all about birds and their activity and makes sure they get fed.

The Bible also tells us that He cares more about humans than birds. A lot more.

Do you think that? Do you know deep down in you that He's looking out for you? Probably not (me either). It's pretty tough for humans to swallow — mostly because our concept of love is so fragmented from what we've experienced.

So, take a moment and see if God can expand this area for you. Admit to Him where you think He's distant or not good at providing or a liar or whatever. He's not insecure about what you think of Him, He But He'd really love to correct it for you. Because you need it and He wants to reveal Himself to you.

God, help. I want to see You — not my broken vision of You. In faith I confess that You are more beautiful and good and kind towards me than I can even fathom. Thank You.