In Step

"Keeping in step" with the Spirit ends up looking more like a dance than anything else.

It takes time to learn, lots of practice, and no would fault you for making a few mistakes along the way — even ones you laugh at and shake off.

Being "guided by the Holy Spirit" can be tricky business. It is fun, joy-filled, it is of great importance, and every Christian is on this journey — no one dances perfectly.

Where are you in your dance? Are you sensitive to His pushes and pulls? Are you in the habit of listening? Do you have a rhythm of adjusting your path according to what you find?

If you don't know where you are in the process or where to begin, here are two simple steps (really, these apply to everyone):

Ingest Scripture. Be honest about your concerns and confusions and adjust according to what is clear.

Pray for help, and for greater awareness.