"This Is My Son, With Whom I Am Well-Pleased"

...the Famous words spoken to Jesus by the Father (of course with the Holy Spirit descending). It appears to be purposeful that the Holy Trinity decided to let us in on this moment.

First, the Father wanted to show us what a delight Jesus is to Him. The fact that the Father sacrificed Jesus is just as profound as the fact that Jesus did what He did.

Only dads can understand why this is so. Having a child brings about an unparalleled affection. And we know that a human father's love pales in comparison to the love of the Father. See, Jesus wasn't cast away by an uncaring master. He was given away by a loving dad. 

Second, here we have a prototype. Do you plan on changing the world around you? You'll need strength, confidence. Where does this come from? Fatherly approval.

There's a myth that goes something like this "If you need approval you are weak." Not true. We all need approval. We just need to quench that thirst with the right thing.

Jesus lost His earthly dad, Joseph. I suspect His humanness ached for the fatherly presence He lacked. Upon being baptized, Jesus was affirmed by His truer dad. He got a heaping helping of approval and identity. Who was Jesus? He was the Son of God. Did He have the support of His Dad? You bet. (If you have your dad's support and know it, you're pretty much unstoppable).

If you're the child of a dad, you know that there are gaps in your upbringing. The good news is you have Heaven in your corner. The creator of the universe longs to impart the same blessing to you as Jesus: "You are my child with whom I am well-pleased." Identity. Confidence. Approval. 

If you're a Dad, go out of your way to communicate how much you love and believe in your kids. It's one of the most beautiful ways you can participate in God's design and bring Heaven to earth.