What is success?

Ask a bunch of people and you'll probably get an answer to the effect of "money and notability."

If someone says "He was really successful in his field," they don't mean he got in a lot of family time.  It has something to do with dollars and accolades.  

A Christian isn't promised either, nor is it wrong to have either.

Solomon had unfathomable wealth. John the baptist wandered around in the dessert eating bugs. Both of them had tasks assigned by God. Go figure.

So what is success for a Christian? It's as simple and as complex as doing God's will. Sometimes that looks like no money and sometimes it looks like more money than you know what to do with. Being a Christian could mean denying or embracing publicity. Whatever the case, Jesus reminded us to do good stuff in order to please God. Thus, a simple gut check for everything you do:

Am I doing this to honor God?

If yes, keep going. If not, take some time to adjust even if it's hard.