Grace and Will


It's tough to get right, the whole grace vs. effort thing. It's good to remember that using your will isn't opposed grace. It's when you think you're earning acceptance from God that it becomes a problem.

Thus, here's a question to use as a litmus test:

"Am I working from right-standing with God or am I working towards right-standing with God?"

We are all on the journey of getting our thinking correct. He's sifting our motives and will be for some time. But it's still worth checking in and asking yourself.

When do I feel as though God might shun me?

What places do I work in order to be accepted by God?

Do I think He's waiting to pounce on me when I get stuff wrong?

And if you find any places that still need some work, replace with truth. Remind your own soul that Jesus equals peace for you. Every wrong thing you've done has been burned away and you get to put on His perfection as though it's yours.