The invitation from Jesus is to surrender everything. On the outside this looks different for everyone, but the point is always an absolutely surrendered soul.  

He told some people to follow immediately, and some he told to stay put. Some, upon seeing the position of their heart, were asked to sell everything. Other folks weilded great wealth in God's name. Some reared children to the glory of God and others were martyred for the gospel.

Ultimately God is never okay being second. It's not an option. One may think they can have God a la carte, picking and choosing what they like, but this will not hold up. It won't do to go to Bible study, but keep God from your finances. It won't do to say a prayer, then run your business however you like. A husband wouldn't say to his wife "you may have me in the morning, but in the evening I wish to live in disregard to you." It's unfathomable.

How much more unfathomable would it be to partition bits of our lives from the God of the universe and say "you are not invited." He means to have it all.