You Can Hurt God's Feelings

Yes, the God of the universe. This is a beautiful, humble display of vulnerability. The same guy that could squash you by tilting His thoughts in a certain direction trusts His heart to you saying, "will you choose me?" 

You may see it as a weakness to get your feelings hurt (particularly if you are male), but truthfully it takes much emotional fortitude to risk being hurt and even more to admit you are hurt without retaliation. There is strength in vunerability.

How can you hurt God's feelings? Here are some ways:

-When you don't notice His beauty

-When you are hard of heart and unresponsive to Him

-When you are simply too busy for Him

I could go on, but maybe an illustration will be helpful.

A married woman longs deeply to connect with her husband. It's been a busy several weeks. Life gets crazy; she understands this. Rather than complain, she chooses vulnerability. One evening she sends the kids away with a sitter, puts on a little black dress, lights candles, sets the table. Beaming, she waits for her husband's return. After some time, she hears the door open. The husband enters the room and passes her without a word, his face emotionless.

You may think my example is too exaggerated, but I assure you that God sets the table for us in elaborate, specific ways we may never notice. He does this over and over again. He knows us well and knows just what woos us. He doesn't generically romance all of mankind. He sets the table for each of us uniquely and displays His beautiful vulnerability.