"God Owes Me"

This is a shocking thing to think. The imbedded arrogance is probably impossible to capture in words, but let me try.

Suppose a man owned a business. He was wealthy and philanthropic. Suppose now that this wealthy man offered an undeserving, unqualified homeless man off the street a nice nine-to-five job with benefits and paid time off. The wealthy man went out of his way to buy the homeless man a suit and clean him up... Really gave him a chance. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the wealthy man one day asked the previously homeless man if he could spend the day doing janitorial work. The newly hired man stormed out of the building, declaring "How dare you treat me like this?You owe me better!" 

Of course you see what I'm getting at. We're all the homeless man. At times when life doesn't go the way we think it should, we begin to feel awfully entitled. We fail to see that entire context in which we live is God's undeserved goodness. Every minute we inhale grace. 

We humans have a woefully limited perspective and we'd do well to remember that we don't want what God owes us. If that happened, I can assure you that you'd beg to have things back the way they were, because that would be like the homeless man declaring "I want justice!" Or in other words "persecute me the fullest extent of the law." 

This would not go well for us.

I do not mean to portray God as unkind. It's only that we cheapen grace and mercy when we fail to see how much we do not deserve it. When this happens, we fail to see God for how good He is.