...can be just as real a tool of God's will as a pulpit or pew. 

What would it be like if all imaginations were set fully on Christ and lovely, beautiful Kingdom things? What kind of souls could we have? What kind of world could we build?  

Of course imagination is not action, but it is the precursor to it. This may be why Scripture often uses vivid imagery to get a point across. It captures our imagination, which guides our thinking and behaviors. Really the question is not whether you imagine, but what you imagine, because everyone employs their imagination many times per day. And if imagination is important, how do we wield it well? Here are two thoughts:

1) Input

What do you watch? What do you read? How much media do you consume? Is it lovely and good? There's a reason Scripture encourages us to dwell on good stuff. It's pretty simple. Put some good stuff in and good stuff will probably come out.

2) Steering

You can steer your imagination. You're in control. For example if you're worried about paying rent, you might be imagining yourself coming up short at the end of the month. Your imagination may be better spent coming up with a solution. Maybe you wake up in the morning and imagine your day going wrong. Maybe you could stand up and remind yourself of all the good possibilities you have and imagine God with you.

Today I give you homework.  Pay attention to what you imagine. Imagine what else you might imagine and then, well, imagine it.