Dialogue, Continued

I hope you have some dialogues with God that are unresolved. Maybe you've asked questions and not gotten answers. Perhaps you didn't understand the answer or perhaps you didn't like the answer. Maybe there's been some back and forth and no resolution. This is okay. No, it's more than that. It's beautiful.

It's beautiful because God loves the substance of dialogue, which is communion, more than the outcome, reaching a conclusion.

Women understand this a bit more naturally than men, I think. As I sit writing in a coffee shop, I see two women smiling, chatting about goodness knows what. I can't tell if there's a purpose. And I love that. Answers and outcomes aren't always most important. Sometimes the exchange, the sharing of hearts is most important.

If God is revealed in Eve (and I certainly think that to be so), then this is most certainly true: God wants you to express your heart fully, completely and, perhaps more astonishingly, God wants to share His heart with you. Sometimes conclusions can take a back seat.