...turns out to be one of the greatest marks of a Christian. 

And it turns out that the ability to forgive can take just as much faith as helping a blind man see.

What is more, souls don't do well if they have unforgiveness cluttering them. Nursing bitterness is detrimental to one's mental, emotional, and even physical wellbeing. If nothing else, you may consider forgiving people for your own good.

But of course forgiveness is much more than medicine. As Christians, we're radically forgiven and so called to radically forgive. It's a beautiful, powerful display. It's also not optional. How could we hold tiny grudges against humans when we're guilty of capitol offense towards God?

How can you know if you have unforgiveness in you? Here are some ideas: 

-You remind yourself of a wrong done to you daily or more.

-When you see or think of a particular person, your visceral response is ill-will towards them.

-You have an plan for vengeance.

-You spread unkind words about a particular person or group.

Now that you've done some diagnosing, here are some thoughts on how to move towards forgiveness:

-Realize it's a process. You may have to choose forgiveness over and over again. 

-It's a choice. You use your will. The good news is you don't have to muster up good feelings. Don't even worry about that. Choose to forgive in that moment and move on (feelings will probably follow later).

-Know that God always forgave you more. Your offense towards God is always greater than the offense you're clinging to.

-Pray for help. Forgiveness is a divine act, so you may as well solicit divine assistance.