Pray and Walk

Jesus' life gave us a lot of practical tips, in addition to spiritual ones. 

One thing He did was walk and pray a lot. I don't think it's a huge law we have to follow, necessarily, but it's worth examining. Walking is fantastic exercise, helps clear the mind, release stress. In fact, your brain is in a slightly different mode when you're cruising along, than when you're, say, sitting down or laying down. You may find it helpful to sort of "air out" whatever is going on in you. And mark my words, an unfiltered dialogue is massively important to a living, breathing relationship with God. We often think "God will be mad at me if I tell him what is really going on," but that is as absurd as Jonah thinking that He could run from God by changing cities. So try it. Just tell God stuff as you walk. Let it come out. And maybe, just maybe, as you walk you'll find your soul emptied of some of the rubbish and in a slightly better place to magnify God.