Authority and God's Person

God's actions and designs are always perfectly in line with his person.  There's no hypocrocy, no incongruence.  One of the things we see in much, if not all, of God's design is authority.  This is not merely logistical, but a revelation of who God is, a beautiful part of how he works, and something that can draw you closer to him if you understand it. Thus, if you have an issue with authority, you have a issue with God's design, which means, ultimately, you have a problem with the person God.  

If the idea of authority leaves a bad taste in your mouth, I wager that it is because you have seen authority go wrong. Somebody abused the power they had.  He shouldn't have blah.  The pastor blank.  The system did x. Et cetera.

I bet you're 100% correct.

But this is not God.  

God's design for authority is that it alway aid intimacy.  This is reflected in the triune God, three persons with roles and authority structures wherein they submit one to another in such unison that it's hardly distinguishable where one starts and the other begins - all this out of choice.

See, Jesus had all authority in heaven and earth. All of it. None left over. Absolute power. (And it's worth noting that Jesus' power came from the Father, again highlighting the built-in authority structures.)

What did Jesus do with all that power?  

He smote us all!  

He made us all slaves to his every bidding. 

No, he laid down his life to save everyone. This is true, godly authority in action. Great power and great humility combined.

So, take a moment to consider how you feel about authority and why. Ask God to help you work on the places it rubs you wrong and ask for help to see the beauty in it.