Intimacy and Breath

There are few people who will ever get close enough for me to know what their breath smells like. I prefer to keep it that way. That's pretty intimate space.

On a related note, get this: God created the world. Everything, in fact. He started grand and general with the Heavens and the Earth and got gradually more detailed with flora and fauna and such. Then He made man and did something interesting. He breathed into him.

Why did he do this? Well, at least in part He was saying "You are set apart, the one I share my life-force with. I want intimacy with you. I want to be so close that we share air." To my knowledge, we're the only creations in all of God's work who got to walk with him in the garden, getting one-on-one attention. We're the only ones who were given authority, and who ever got specific instructions from God. Even the fact that God gets frustrated with us and then saves us tells me something profound: God intended right from the start to get up close and personal with humans.