Gifts, Space, Fish

The world says there's only room for a few people to excel. It says "If you make it to the top, someone else has to go. There's only so much territory." But the kingdom says there is room for everyone's gift.

Jesus' disciples brought him some fish and loaves thinking, "there is not enough for everyone." But that was not Kingdom thinking. The miracle was that even though it seemed impossible, there turned out to be enough.

For you, friend, there is enough. You don't have to take somebody else's food to have your own. There is room for you, your personality, who you are, and what you do. It doesn't matter if somebody else seems to be doing it. Doesn't matter if they are the same height or taller. There's truly no need to compare. Your unique expression will make space for itself and God's Kingdom has space for it.

(As an aside, this idea works with money, too. If you are fearful of coming up short, you may be surprised what could happen if you surrender your resource to God.)