The Value and Woe of Experience

I'd be concerned if a Christian told me they'd never had a powerful, moving experience with God. In fact, I hope all Christians have had many wonderful experiences with God. These ought to be cherished.

But I'd also be concerned if a Christian constantly needed a heightened spiritual experience to be okay. This turns out to be idolatry, as it's not interest in God the person, but rather God the encounter.

A mature Christian welcomes and at times seeks experiences with God, but also knows how to embrace the mundaneness of life. For bonus points, not only will this Christian reconcile that mundane exists, but will find God in the mundane and enjoy him there.

This idea is somewhat parallel with sex and relationships. For example, in a thriving marriage sex will take place regularly. This is good. But sex is an expression of that relationship and even if peak moments are shared there, it largely is the result of what happens elsewhere. Sex does not a relationship make, but it is certainly a valuable, important tool not to be neglected. Valuable too are the heart to heart conversations, the catching of eyes across the room, the spontaneous laughter, the driving in the car together, sharing of meals, etc.

God also wants to be invited into your mundane times but even then you may not always feel completely moved by him. This is a perfectly fine part of Christianity, which adds dynamic to apex moments. This rhythm is beautiful.