Distasteful Desires

...are really not difficult for God to deal with — unrepentant souls are. Humans tend to desire all kinds of nasty things, things that perhaps they are embarrassed to admit. Desires come from hearts, which God can craft, redesign, overhaul alltogether if needed. He can give new engines that run on different fuel.

The great woe goes to the one who says "God, I want nothing to do with you," because unfortunately (but justly on God's part) that request will be honored. 

Back to desire. If you are smart, you'll tell God about every desire you have, good or bad. He can lend a hand there. Now, you can have a "distasteful desire" in one sense (desire for alcohol abuse, pornography, violence towards the innocent), but in one sense this is a misnomer. Desires at the core are good, but they can be expressed inappropriately, become hijacked. Substances are abused in order to find peace or a thrill. Longing to view pornography is rooted in the desire for intimacy, excitement. Physical or verbal abuse occurs in order to find power or control (power and control are not bad in and of themselves).

One of the beautiful things God does when you surrender your desires is show you what you actually want. We often don't know what we truly desire until God helps us seeYou may think that a Christian is continually distancing themselves from their desires, but this is not so. A Christian who has been walking authentically with God will be profoundly in tune with her desires. God in his kindless will have helped rid this person of some the nasty desires that were in the way. Even when Christians are required to put a desire on hold for a time, they stay close to it, feel it, remember why they are doing it (a Christian's "no" always has a greater "yes" behind it).

In summary, let God know what you really want even if it's unpleasant. He can handle it.