The Gift of Sabbath

Sabbath is not a chore, but a blessing, a gift. In the same way that our bodies heal during sleep, so does sabbath replenish the soul. Jesus reminded us that sabbath wasn't just another duty to add to the list, but something designed for us. 

People tend to sabbath in whatever way their parents did, which can be helpful or misleading. But whatever you're used to, I'd recommend doing everything you can to learn, guard, treasure sabbath. It's profoundly valuable to God, and ought to be valuable to us. 

Why sabbath?

•For the health of your body and soul

•To boost your creativity 

•To be more productive

•To let solutions come to you

•For longevity

•To decrease anxiety  

•To give God more space to speak  

•To show God that you trust him with your time

The list goes on...

Sabbathing well is something of a skill. You won't do it well without lots of practice and experience. It doesn't happen by mistake. In fact, some of the folks who sabbath with the most conviction are the ones who have wrecked it the worst. If you already sabbath with skill, please continue doing so. In a powerful, unspoken way your life will give others permission to sabbath as well.

Bottom line: your ability to sabbath deserves attention. Do you have a consistent pattern of soul rejuvination, or does life feel like a rushing wind that never ceases?  It's well worth the examination.