Ask God Stuff or "The Boxing Ring/Dance Floor"

Go ahead and recite scripture, rattle off and repeat everything you learned in Sunday school, recall all the Bible stories your mama told you.  Use the mechanism of rote to your advantage — and it is advantageous.....  but only to an extent. You'll eventually take issue with what the Bible tells you. 

Hear me out: go towards the places where you don't agree with God, Church, etc. Acknowledge them. They're valuable. I submit that those places of incongruance are something in between a boxing match and waltz with God. 

It's partly aggressive. "God, why must You do things the way you do? Are You crazy? Do You exist?" It's partly romance. "God, I trust You enough to let You know what's going on in me. You're the one I'll tell."

God is not intimidated by anyone's questions and I think if you ask "why?" enough times, for long enough you'll always land on "God is good" (it might take a while, and that's okay).

It's beautiful space, this boxing ring/dance floor. Frequent it. Grow there. Struggle there. But for goodness sake, don't avoid it.