When Pain Is A Lever


A what?

A lever.

It is. A costly one.

See, pain has a way giving momentum when navigated well. You'd do well to pay attention to pain and how you respond to it. 

One option is that you can become bitter. Be mad at God for your circumstances. That's okay. He can handle that, be it won't help to stay there indefinitely. It would be better to dig deep within yourself and figure out how you can fling yourself on the truth.

You're sick. God is healer. You're poor. God is provider. You're sad. God lifts heads. (Albeit, things may not change quickly, or even in this life, but all these things are still true.)

When we're in pain, we're caused to re-evaluate things, caused to come to terms with what we really believe. In pain, souls are uncovered, made bare. We can direct our souls or let have them have their own way (which is probably disastrous). In any case, you can take the opportunity to throw everything you are on Him. You can use pain as a lever to cause yourself to move more and more into who He is, communion with Him.