By Grace one hundred percent the way we're saved. Seem like a simple concept? It is. But less simple is it to actually get that to sink into the heart as true. That's a journey — perhaps a life-long one. Of course sin separates from God, but Jesus has bridged that separation. Of course we don't deserve right-standing with God, but we have it in Jesus. 

In other words, doing lots of bad stuff doesn't put you far from God, and doing lots of good stuff doesn't earn you closeness with God. The more you lean on the work of Jesus, the more sure your soul will become. The more at rest it will be. The more you lean on what you are or aren't doing, the more likely you are to be on a volatile roller coaster of sometimes feeling okay with God and sometimes feeling like a disappointment.

Thus, I offer a reminder (that I need to hear daily just as much as any Christian). Good actions aren't what you get you close to God. Sin doesn't disqualify you from communion with God. Look to Jesus, look to Jesus, look to Jesus.