What You Want

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We humans are silly.

We sometimes wonder if God knows best. We feel the tension of what we immediately want versus God's way. We think "maybe God doesn't know what He's talking about," and we do our own thing.

Truth is, God isn't a cosmic buzzkill. You can think that if you want, but it will always be untrue. He only ever offers what's best. Cheap is never His style. He offers life, and it's costly.

See, we're continually clinging to things that are cheap, less than what God offers. The designer of everything, God has the ultimate. He's not holding out on us (we just get tricked into thinking so). Even after we taste of God's goodness, we tend to drift back into old habits. 

"Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it..."

All the other options are bad ones. We have to constantly remind ourselves that God's way is life-giving. It's the one we actually want in the long run.