Jesus Pooped Himself: A Christmas Eve Meditation


Okay. It might sound a bit blasphemous, but bear with me because I think it's actually profound.

During Christmas, we marvel at how God came to earth in the form of Jesus. The message gets a bit snuffed out in all the materialistic kerfuffle, but that's all the more reason to repeat the real message. In order to save us, God Almighty, galaxy-slinger, Heaven's-throne-sitter-onner chose to submit Himself to human limitations, every part of the human experience. Thus, I say again: Jesus pooped Himself. Little, tiny baby Jesus was in such a vulnerable state that He couldn't even control His bowel movements (and this is the guy who invented bowels). This, I say, is profound.

So, of course I'm teasing, but I'm serious. Reflect on how absolutely helpless He was. God stooped down and trusted humans to feed Him, to clean Him, to care for His every need. He could have done it in any way, but this is the way He chose. He had complete control and completely surrendered it. He started His human life vulnerable in a manger and ended vulnerable on a cross. What a marvelous act, indeed.

(Merry Christmas!)