A God Who Speaks


Just a friendly reminder that the guy who made everything is still in the business of communicating. He can use anything and everything to do so. To give a few ideas, He can use the Bible, some other book, nature, a person, silence, dreams, art, donkeys (seriously, it happened once). He'll even speak if you're not sure you believe in Him.

To my Christian folks, the Bible is to be highly revered, deeply cherished. That's a pretty good place to go for insight. And while God has chosen to disperse a profound, mysterious, loving message through the spreading of the Bible, He is not limited to it (and, importantly, He won't contradict it). Just open your eyes, ears, heart and you may find Him more talkative than you imagined.

Maybe you already know all that stuff. Then I ask: currently, what is God telling you? 

(If you're not sure, be a pal and just start talking to Him. I bet you'll hear something eventually if you keep listening. Don't forget that, like anything, it takes practice.)