More Lessons From a Stray Cat



My adopted stray is driving me nuts. A mere hour or so ago, she was yelling at me. I've been feeding her for a couple months now (twice per day) and still she yells at me each time. "Hey! I'm here! I'm going to starve if you don't feed me! Hey! I'm dying! I'm a cat! Notice me! Don't mind that I trip you as you walk inside. Hey! Did you know I'm here? Hey! Don't go inside! I know that's where the food is, but what if you never come back? Hey! Hey!"

Again, my thoughts drifted to God. Do I ever sound like to God? I'm sure I do. I'm sure we all do at times.

"Hey! God! Didn't you know I'm uncomfortable? Don't you know my bank balance? Don't you know how much rent is? Hey! Can't you deal with this relationship? Hey! Why am I single? Why is my marriage so difficult? Hey fix it! Hey fix it! Fix it! Fix it!"

Now, I don't mean to say that you're a nuisance to God. He cares. I don't mean to say that you can't bring requests to Him repeatedly. But I wonder if maybe some of the things we repeat sound a bit silly from God's vantage point.

If nothing else, I notice a heart position. In that kitty's eyes, she really seems to be asking a desperate question: "Are you going to remember me?" And I wonder if we take that same position. I also wonder if it hurts God just a little bit. For me I say aloud as trip over the cat, "Really? I feed you everyday! Why are you yelling at me!" Does God say something similar? "Really? But I've come through for you over and over again! Why do you doubt that I'm here for you?"

Friends, I know that life gets crazy. Sometimes we stand outside yelling, meowing, wondering if God is ever going to pop out with a cup of food or not. Maybe the cup is health. Maybe cup is some type relational repair. Maybe it's provision.

I can't promise that situation will always resolve the way we want. But I can promise that God hasn't forgotten you. He's intimately aware of the details of your life (of all of humanity, in fact). He's humble and caring enough to regard our affairs. It may not always look like what we want, but I can promise that at the right time God will come out with that cup of food.