Gospel and Coffee Again


I lied to you.

A few posts back I compared the slow process of the Gospel to pouring cream into cold coffee, saying that it takes a while for the Gospel to disperse throughout our souls completely. That's true and not true.

See, in a sense the Gospel's effect is immediate. When in Christ, we're seated at the right hand of the Father, we're seen by the Father as righteous, sinless, adored by the Father in the fashion as Father adores Jesus. It's effective immediately. We don't gradually get more of the Father's affection because Jesus has it all and we're in Him. So it's like pouring cream into hot coffee. Splash. Done.

In that sense, there's no journey, but in our human timeframe and perspective becoming more like Christ, what they call sanctification, can feel grueling.

So then, relax. You're already accepted, made right, and God has you on a path to complete and total restoration.