Daily Weeding of the Soul

Weeds are best kept under control when you pull them daily. It's easier to spot them, they don't choke out other plants and it's not so exhausting if you pull a few at a time. It's best not to wait until your garden is overrun and other precious plants are damaged or dead.

In the garden of your soul it's the same. A savvy person will make good daily habits that "weed" the soul, surveying the area for unwanted items and pulling up a handful or two. For example, keeping worry and unforgiveness at bay is no small task. It might as well be done on a daily basis. One would do well to build routines that cause inward reflection and invite the Holy Spirit to lead to the things that need releasing.

The alternative is to react to things as they come up. You might agitate or bury them as it happens. You can agitate worry by choosing to let it cycle in your head. You can agitate bitterness by continuing to brood. If you bury them, they'll certainly haunt you later.

If you don't have a way of tuning in and releasing, then you're at risk not only of an unhealthy soul, but of doing something regrettable as the tension builds. I wonder how many arguments could be spared if the daily release of unforgiveness was mandatory. I wonder how much anxiety could be avoided if everyone began each day by releasing pesky worries regarding things that aren't even controllable. Do I mean to say that every unwanted intrusion on the soul can be avoided with the right daily habits? Certainly not, but this type of weeding can still be a profound help.