Good Father and The Soul's Resistance

Try telling yourself this everyday: "My Father in Heaven is good and tender-hearted towards me." Here's what will happen to every honest human I know: your soul will eventually rebel.  If you're reading this, I'd wager that you believe in the goodness of the Father already. You may even be able to parrot that first statement for a while. But there's some part of you that doesn't believe it. This voice, when it pops up, sounds something like...

"No, He is not good! If He was a good then..."

Fill in the blank.

Brother or sister, there's no doubt in my mind that you have real pain, that somehow the message to your soul at some point has been "The Big Guy up there, if there is one, is not to be trusted. He'll wound me, He'll neglect me." There are countless reasons that this message could be buried in one's soul. I won't even bother trying to list all possibilities. I just know that it's buried in every single one of us to some degree.  

What's solution?

A bit of grapple, I'm afraid. Whatever comes up when you tell yourself "The heart of God the Father is good and tender towards me," that is what you must look at with courage and diligence. That is what needs to be turned around, aimed at truth. It will be hard at times. It's not done in a day — or even completely in a lifetime, but we can get closer. We can allow our souls to be reprogrammed bit by bit. This is a beautiful act of the Trinity. The Father longs to be reconciled to you, and appoints our brother Jesus as mediator, while the Holy Spirit fills, guides, aids, empowers the process.

There is no question that God wants to make Himself known to you. The only variable is the decisions of humans. Will we respond? Will we look at the anger in us when it comes up? Will we brush it off as something else? The invitation is ours.