Repetition, The Mighty Sword

There's certain things I believe about God. It's funny though, because things I tell myself, and know are accurate, don't always sink in. What's that about?

Well, I don't understand the anatomy of the soul perfectly, but I know there are layers. Sometimes things we know, we don't really know. The savvy Christian is aware of this and is good at self-speak. It's important.

For example, you know God is a good Father. You truly believe it. But maybe your father was less than perfect, and somehow even though you have all the facts, have all the verses memorized, and parrot lots and lots of correct doctrine, the deepest parts of your soul are not occupied with the truth Father God is good.

Don't worry. Your not alone. Every human, at least every honest one that I'm aware of knows this tension. What's the solution?

Repetition. Just take things as they come. You may have to remind that pesky, forgetful soul  of something a thousand times just to break the surface. This is still good work. And it may be a relief to know you're not alone in this process. Even if one day you find yourself surrounded by the atmosphere of Heaven, high-fiving archangels and soaking up truth like a sponge, the next day you may be sinning and believing the same old garbage. You're in good company. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on reminding yourself of what you are certain is true. Repeat. Don't even worry if something feels true. Eventually, by Spirit-empowered osmosis that truth will saturate.