Just don't do it. It doesn't help anybody and doesn't make anyone look good.

It's as simple as this. There is room for you. 

If you're a graphic designer and you love surfing the web for inspiration, then great. If you're a photographer and want to ogle Ansel Adams photos every now and then, so be it.

But honestly, if you're a photographer you may not be as good as Ansel Adams. Odds are, you're not. What with that?

A bit of hard truth. God didn't make everyone "equal" — at least, not in the sense of giftedness or amount of influence. Not very one is Billy Graham. Not every one can be. There's not enough room (not for copies anyway). 

So just swallow it. Someone is better than you. You can be angry. You can yell at God. You can do weird math tricks and try to figure out why they had an unfair advantage. But all you'd be doing is wasting valuable energy. This energy could be put towards doing what you love and more importantly, loving people. 

So there. Deal with it. Pray about it. But please address it somehow.

Now for the sugar coating.

God isn't asking you to be anything other than what you are. Breath. Inhale. Exhale. Believe me, this is good news. You don't have go around with your eyes bleeding from staring at everyone else's giftedness. God crafted you to do good. You are already accepted. What a beautiful truth. You don't have to earn anything or do anything to be right with God. You're okay.

From that place, use what you have in your hands to do good. Play sports, write, do your job with excellence, share the love and joy of Jesus wherever you are. Find out what you love and see if you can't do more of that. Most importantly, work on your character (that's the substance that's eternal).

Here's another layer: the Bible shows us that we are a body. And just a like a body, we all look different and function differently. Enjoy it. God made you to be you and you can rest in it. Your friend can do their thing and be great and it doesn't have to impede or impair what you're doing. In fact, it creates synergy.

So, I leave you with two thoughts: be you and bless the people around you.