In western Christianity, a popular type of "dualism" is the idea that the spiritual and the physical are at odds with one another, that our body is generally opposed to things of the spirit. But this is not true. God created all things and intends to use our physical bodies for His glory. Sure, miracles and prayer are good and God-glorifying, but so are daily routines which care for bodies. It's good to sleep and eat well and exercise and pay attention how your body is affects your mood. God knows your anatomy. He knows your physiology. He knows sometimes you need prayer and sometimes you need a good night's rest. 

Consider the girl that Jesus resurrected. After bringing her back to life, He commanded that she be given something to eat. Something practical. Something tangible. Even with divine power at his fingertips, He was surrendered to regular humanness and physicality. Honoring your body can be just as faith-filled as something miraculous.